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Decorating Themes
When decorating your house, having a decorating theme is necessary. Some common themes are country styles, shaker style, Italian country, Swedish homes, and French styles. Site includes a section on small home decorating ideas, as well as setting the mood for your house using colors. Textures are very important when decorating your home, and they add sensuality and emotion to your overall décor. Scents can be a great tool for creating warmth in your home, via candles, incense or air fresheners. Home lighting also plays a part in the décor of your home, as do storage systems and decorative objects. A section on decorating boys' rooms, nursery rooms, kids rooms, adult bedrooms, kitchen decorating ideas, French living rooms, sunrooms, and French dining rooms are included.

Feng Shui and Indoor Fountains Naturally Go Together
Our moods and energy levels are definitely influenced by our environment. Have you ever thought about how peaceful you feel when you are close to water? Just watching a small stream or waves breaking in on the shore can help us feel more energized. Now you can get that same effect in your home by using the principles of feng shui, which remind us that our lives are constantly flowing and that nothing can stay inert forever. You will appreciate the list of tips for choosing the right location for the water fountains you will be placing in your home.

Home Décor Products
Go home decoration shopping at this website, which features a section on kids furniture and decorating supplies, which include tables, kids bookcases, bedroom furniture, organizers, blankets and linens, and more. Has a section on home décor ideas, which includes glass cylinders, bowls and vases, holiday décor and storage décor units.

Martha Stewart
This site includes Martha Stewart's ideas and creations for domestic living. Choose from home décor products and tips. Martha Stewart magazine and television show information also included, as are home décor products for bedding and bath, holidays, gardening, crafts, cooking and baking, tableware and linens, furniture and home keeping. A Martha Stewart decorating section includes lighting, wreaths, vases, frames, clocks, mirrors, decorative pillows, hardware and more. Browse her products not only to buy, but to find free home decoration ideas.

Articles & Advice on GetToDecorating.com
GetToDecorating.com presents the finest design and decorating ideas from actual beautiful home in North America, so that you can select those details and ideas the appeal to your own personal taste. As you'd expect, there's a lot of emphasis on the visual, and so the site provides many photographs. The site depends on annual membership fees, like a regular magazine. Unlike a magazine, however, the site is designed so that the consumer (or the professional decorator) can choose the exact rooms or styles they're interested in. Here's just a sampling of topics in the Articles & ADvice section: bedrooms, ceilings, children's rooms, dining rooms, entries, halls, stairways, family rooms, wlls, gates, fences, mantels and fireplaces, game rooms, gym, home theaters, landscaping, living roms, laundry rooms, patwios, decks, lanais, sitting rooms, wine cellars, and much more.

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