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Organic Gardening From Down Under
This site says that the "objectives and the aims" are to "encourage organic vegetable growing." The site highlights the facts on how easy it is for beginners to have fresh vegetables, which are also chemical free, growing in their own gardens. Click on the site index and you'll literally find links to more than 80 topics. This Organic Gardening site is your one-stop information source on gardening. Look no further because you have found a variety of useful gardening topics.

Organic Gardening Tips
This site and newsletter contains a whole host of organic gardening tips, unique recipes, photos, and stories. Marion Owen, the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul maintains this useful site. Read (or listen to) the current issue of the UpBeet Gardener newsletter. Learn about the PlanTea product, read Marion's collection of articles, gardening tips, recipes, and photos. Check ou links and resources, news and press releases, and information on why to grow organic.

Solar Powered Outdoor Fountains: A Green Solution to Backyard Beauty
Many people are much more environmentally-conscious than in the past and if you are going to add a garden outdoor fountain to an outdoor space, it makes sense to make your choice as green as possible. Discover the steps involved to install the solar panel and the fountain pumps. A complete list of materials required has also been provided for your convenience. Once these steps have been completed, you can go on to finish your outdoor fountain project with rocks or other landscaping materials and some plants.

Organic Gardening: A Guide to Resources
Includes a brief history of organic gardening. This guide is intended for organic gardeners and those who want to be organic gardeners. It may also be useful for small-scale organic farmers and those interested in the organic movement in general. Several research databases and online references have been used to collect the information for this publication. Sections include organic gardening resources, garden design, organic production techniques, soil fertility and composting, growing organic food, ornamental plants and flowers, pest weed and disease control and organic lifestyles.

Organic Gardening Possible in Limited Space
Urban organic gardener Mike Lieberman shares his expertise to consumers who are interested in organic gardening but don't have a lot of space. Find out how to choose the best space for your organic gardening efforts, get practical gardening tips and learn which types of plants work best when planted in small areas. From organic seed to harvest, all of the details are covered and visitors to the site are invited to sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about organic gardening tips and techniques.

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