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Kitchen Fixtures and Tips
This site provides case studies with homes that have had kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects completed. Includes high-contrast elements, natural maple cabinets, granite countertops, checkerboard cork flooring and semi-circular dining levels. Learn about how to finance kitchen remodeling projects, and more. New kitchen fixtures and products include the new Cheng Design by Zephyr hoods, Mystic by Elkay sinks, drawer labels by Notting Hill, and luxury tiles. An interactive kitchen guide offers questions and answers about understanding the process of kitchen remodeling, gathering design ideas, setting a kitchen redesign budget, choosing cabinets, choosing kitchen appliances and countertops, choosing kitchen flooring, sinks and faucets.

Kitchen Remodeling
Get ideas for kitchen remodeling with these themes that include: Tuscan kitchens, sizzling with color, colonial, vintage kitchens, bravado kitchens, southwestern kitchens, contemporary and calm, blooming, teapots and crazy cats 30s era, and traditional. These ideas incorporate colors and textures into kitchen design that is centered on a theme. Photos contain great kitchen décor ideas.

Kitchen and Bathroom Association
The National Kitchen and Bath Association is a more than 25,000 member not-for-profit trade association that has educated and led the kitchen and bath industry for over 40 years. Website includes a list of kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry experts, as well as a workbook to guide you through kitchen or bathroom remodeling. A section about online services as well as a student center is offered. Not only does NKBA host the world's largest trade show and offer educational programs, but we also enhance the success of our members by promoting professionalism and ethical business practices. In order to benefit consumers, our association monitors national and state legislation to protect the industry, our members, and consumers. As a consumer, you can take advantage of NKBA's widespread presence in the kitchen and bath industry through this website, our free workbook, or by speaking to a representative at 1-877-NKBA-PRO.

Set a Budget for Your Kitchen Renovation
Establishing a budget for a kitchen renovation can be challenging. Updating or replacing kitchen cabinets, appliances, fixtures, countertops and flooring can be an expensive proposition and visitors to this site will find a formula they can use to set up a budget for this type of home improvement project. Find out how much of the kitchen renovation budget should be allocated to each element, as well as how much the total cost should be in relation to the home's fair market value. Discover the benefits of working with a kitchen renovation specialist to set priorities and stay on budget.

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