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Energy Gels
If you think energy bars are all there are as sports nutrition supplements, you haven't heard of energy gels. It's the same concept as a power bar condensed into a liquid gel form. Easier to digest than a solid bar, the grab-and-go gel promises to deliver a jolt of energy to its users, mainly serious athletes looking for a boost midway through workouts and races, such as triathlons. When an athlete's body runs or cycles or climbs intensely or for long periods, it loses valuable nutrients that cause the body to slow down and work less efficiently when it matters most. The gels deliver complex carbohydrates, glucose, amino acids and electrolytes for a quick, convenient fuel injection. It's easy, not filling and vital.

Sports Nutrition Gear and Information for Runners
There are a few links here about nutrition for runners. There are nutritional guidelines for runners, as well as information to help you properly fuel for a race. That includes hydration and energy drinks and energy bars. There is an article about how to replace electrolytes and glycogen after a workout to prevent injury, and how to overall improve your condition after a race so you avoid injury.

Best Energy Bars
The market for energy bars is ever-increasing. From the original high-carbohydrate Power Bar, to bars with a 40-30-30 ratio of carbs to protein to fat such as the Balance bar, this article gives you the basics if you are in the market for a bar to meet your needs. There is also a section on high-protein bars such as Met-Rx Protein Plus, and supplement bars like GeniSoy bars. This is a good resource to do some background reading and learn which bar will be best for your sports nutrition needs.

Sports Nutrition Questions and Answers
This website is a useful guide with practical, specific sports nutrition questions and answers. Questions include inquiries about drinking milk pre-game, timing eating pre-game, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), vegetarian athletes, taking ginseng to increase energy, staying awake, increasing energy and other sports training nutrition topics.

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