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SheKnows Home & Garden Channel
No matter what part of your home or garden you're looking to decorate, this site has an article designed specifically for you. There are articles on storage and organization, on garden and patio decor, on blinds and wall coverings, on lighting, furniture, kitchens, slipcovers, home gadgets and more. You'll also find in-depth articles and helpful hints and tips on such subjects as using candles to achieve a mood, brushed faux painting techniques, Fall home decorating ideas, clearing clutter and rearranging your decor, organizing your bathroom with baskets, patching drywall, design projects that you can do in a weekend, how to have a happy close closet, tips for decorating your living room, 10 hours to a spotless and organized kitchen, how to decorate a dorm room, there are even tips for a beautiful lawn. Whatever your decorating needs, inside or out, this site has helpful tips and ideas that can make your projects go more quickly and easily.

Feng Shui and Water Fountains a Good Mix
If you are interested in bringing abundance and prosperity into your home (and who wouldn't be?), investing in a feng shui water fountain is one way to accomplish this goal. The type of fountain is not as important as the fact that you are bringing the healing properties of water into your environment. Whether you choose to go with a garden fountain, wall mounted fountain, or tabletop version, you can use this strategy to diffuse the negative ions out of your environment. If you need to get more information, be sure to check out the videos feng shui video tips on how to bring that postive energy into your home. One caveat, though: It's bad feng shui to put a water fountain in your bedroom!

Check Out Tips for Choosing Bean Bag Chairs
If you like the look of big bean bag chairs for your home but aren't sure which one is right for you, surf over to this site to check out the tips presented here. Find out what types of fabric would work best, as well as the role that size, fill and design play in your decision. By following them, you will be able to find the right one for your space.

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms from Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping has lots of information on home decorating and a plethora of decorating tips. Here's an article on decorating tips for a kids room: Kid's Room: Easy Organizing and Decorating Tips. This article has plenty of down-to-earth ideas and information about the need to keep a kids' room safe, organized into activity areas, decorated with primary colors and repeated patterns, and ways to keep Mom's presence in the room at all times, even when she's not there. Scroll on down the page and you'll find decorating articles covering how to create a co-ed room for younger children, how to create that tea-time atmosphere for little girls, the best way to create a play/crafts area for boys, the ultimate in a little girl's playhouse, tips for painting a child's playhouse in bright, bold colors and designs, and a simple way to turn even a garden shed into a child's fairy book dream house. If you've got kids and you're looking for tips and ideas on how to spruce up their room or their play area, this site will help set your imagination soaring.

Create Your Dream Home Using What You Already Own
It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to decorate or redecorate your home or your office. By using a combination of decorating (buying new) and redecorating (re-using what you already have) you can change the look of almost any room completely, or merely enhance an existing look, and do it all for a lot less money than you might think. The helpful and informative articles, which are filled with useable tips, cover the home office in great detail, the living room, the dining room, and the bedroom. In addition to tips and helpful ideas for specific rooms, there's also a list of general decorating and redecorating tips that's priceless. If you're a down-to-earth person looking for good, solid ideas that you can put into practice this afternoon, then I highly recommend that you give this Decorate & Redecorate site a try.

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