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Christmas Decorating
Few times of the year bring out the desire to decorate more than the Christmas Season, and this site is filled with many informative and inspirational articles on the history of Christmas decorating as well as tips, hints, tricks and advice for turning your home into a Ho, Ho, Ho- me for Christmas. Click on Christmas Tree, Deck the Halls, Winter Greens or Outdoor Lighting and be treated to dozens of articles illuminating every aspect of the festive Christmas Season. Help bring even more joy into your home this Christmas Season by incorporating some of the charming and beautiful ideas from this site into your home.

Autumn and Fall Decorating
Do you find Autumn and Fall inspiring? Don't you just love the colors? Wouldn't you like tips and hints on ways of brightening up your house and making it look more festive with each season? Click on Free Projects and you will find topics such as Candle Making, Faux Finishing, Canopy Beds, Decorative Painting, Sewing, Wall Art, Lamps and Lighting, and a lot more. Click on any of the topics and you will be directed to dozens and dozens of helpful articles. Learn Decorating Secrets, Decorating Ideas, Decorating Articles, Tips and Hints and so much more. If you are interested in decorating, finding this site will be like finding the Rosetta Stone of decorating.

Creative Wall Coverings
This site has one of the best Glossaries of decorating terms I've ever found. But that's not all this site has to offer. This site has several very helpful and insightful articles on Hanging Murals, Hanging Wall Coverings, Hanging Wallpaper, How to Strip Old Wallpaper, How to Put Up Borders, Tips on Measuring (How not to make mistakes!), How to Estimate the Number of Wall Paper Rolls you'll need, How to Prep a Wall for Papering, plus an archive of additional articles such as How to Design for a Teenaged Girl's Room, Creating a Grand Entrance, Creating Imaginative Kids' Rooms, Getting Back to Nature, How to Express Yourself with Wall Coverings, How to Create a Unique Look with Wall Paper and a whole lot more. If you have any questions about how to brighten up a room through the use of wall covering, this site has you completely covered.

Why Don't You Include Outdoor Water Fountains in Your Outdoor Living Space?
When the weather starts to warm up, it's only natural to think about extending your existing living space to the Great Outdoors. No matter how large or small your yard is, with a bit of planning, you can make it into an inviting space that you and your guests will enjoy. If your outdoor furniture is looking a little worse for wear, then you will want to check out the new arrivals at your local retailer. Don't forget to add patio lights and a stylish outdoor water fountain to make your yard a peaceful place where you will want to spend many happy hours over the summer months.

Free Decorating Projects, Guides, Tips and More!
This site is a do-it-yourself designer's dream. Learn how to "Turn Your Home Into a Vacation Retreat." Discover tips and sewing tricks that you never knew before. Get a load of all these free projects that you can complete right here on this site: a leather-look lampshade, sun wall art, a basket magazine rack table, a metal scroll and fabric vanity wastebasket, a really cute denim Ottoman, a fabric-covered laundry hamper, a beaded fan pull, a baby picture frame, beaded napkin rings, an upholstered headboard, plans for re-doing a porch swing, a fabric roller shade, a lame' candle holder, a great sun catcher, a Victorian ball, a Mardi Gras mask, a wonderful table center piece and more. Read their FAQ's for wonderful insights and helpful information. Try their recipe of the week, roam their article archives, and even visit K.J's Art Gallery. This is one-stop-site for every do-it-yourself home decorator out there!

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