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Home Decorating Tips on HowStuffWorks.com
If you want to make your dream home to be a more interesting place to stay, this set of decorating tips at HowStuffWorks.com can surely help you a lot. This page contains useful articles such as tips on how to create an effective plan, how to integrate new decorating ideas, how to organize a decorating project, and how to decorate your home on a budget. There is also a dedicated article that explains the difference in hiring a professional and doing it yourself. Other articles talk about color, texture and pattern, as well as lighting design tips.

Home Décoring on DMOZ
The DMOZ directory contains links to websites about painting tips and ideas, the art of Feng Shui, kitchen and dining room decorations, wallpapering tips and ideas, home office decorating ideas, kids rooms decorating ideas, flooring designs and fixtures. A huge array of individual articles and how-to's about making tie-backs for curtains, wicker baskets, hardwood floor care, decorating solutions for renters, framing, stenciling, how to paint furniture, sewing duvet covers, decorating in country style, remodeling kitchens, how to lay ceramic tiling, creating a garden room and making slipcovers and lampshades.

HGTV on Home Decoration
Home and Garden Television isn't only a fun station to watch, the website has a wealth of information about decoration ideas, tips and how-to's. Sections on gardening, decorations, travel tips, decorating glossary, crafts, remodeling and more. The trends section includes fall gardening basics, designers portfolios, real estate basics, outdoor living and room planners. A menu of show airtimes is included, as is a section on kids crafts. Interactive home decoration message boards and chat rooms are available as are home decoration newsletters and an interactive library.

Retro Decorating Tips for the Modern Decorator
Retro decorating tips are available here, where old objects take on new décor concepts. Most of the retro decorating tips come from a modified version of the 1970s era. Tips include fluorescent colors set off with black lights set behind curtains. Room walls can be painted with large peace signs and daisies, either by stencils or freehand. Fluorescent paints are commonly used to create a retro look, as are beaded curtains in doorways or over a window as a window treatment, blow-up chairs and beanbag chairs. Lava lamps are a necessity for decorating a retro pad.

Wall Fountain Ideas
If you are looking for a way to create a beautiful accent piece on any wall in your home or office, installing a wall fountain is the way to go! In addition to being an instant focal point for the room, any time you can introduce an indoor fountain, you are creating a sense of peace and tranquility. Numerous online resources are available to help you choose the right look for your space, and you will want to get detailed measurements for the wall fountains you are interested in to make sure you have selected the right size for the available space. Discover how to use a few simple tools you have around the house to figure out what the dimensions will look like in your home.

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