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Decorate your Apartment
Decorating a new apartment or dorm room is just as important as a home. This article provides resources to help people decorate for all seasons. Fall decorating tips include using found objects to create focal points for rooms. Using rustic décor, there is an article that describes how fabrics and materials were used to create elegant homes and apartments. Learn how to prep surfaces, use glues and more to piece together found objects. Site also includes how to organize wall shelving, understanding credit scores and decorating children's rooms. Tips include involving children in the decorating of their rooms, keeping window treatments simple, repeating patterns with pillows quilts and lampshades, choosing lighting for your child's room and using wallpaper.

New York Institute of Art + Design
The website for the New York Institute of Art + Design offers design tips and trends articles, including information about lighting, history of art, using colors to decorate your home, color trends, using flowers to decorate, business tips for designers and decorators, decorating children's rooms and more. On the school's website you can also get information about student success tories, a newsletter, and even learn about the different courses, such as the complete course in Interior Design. It is for people who want to become a professional interior designer, or who want to earn money as a freelance decorator, or for experienced designers who want to stay up to date and learn new skills, or even for lay people who love design and want to decorate their own home like a professional.

40 Best Home Decorating Tips That Can Help You Save Money
Decorating your home doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. This 40 brilliant tips at Freshome.com explain it all. First, there are a lot of free resources of ideas online. Second, it is very important that you know your budget even before you start collecting ideas. To save money, buying quality furniture items in highly recommended than buying the cheap ones but you have to replace it from time to time. There are also many do-it-yourself projects that are not as difficult as you think. You can also use your artistic imagination mind in painting walls, instead of buying expensive wallpaper. The other tips are about being creative in decorating every part of the house in a very affordable way.

Wavery Decorating Ideas and Products
Affordable yet stunning home decoration ideas can be yours with a click to this site. Includes décor theme ideas such as Sonoma Valley, which celebrates the spirit of the West Coast wine country. Rich colors and inviting textures are also important elements that define the collection. Deep hues such as merlot, raisin and inky black caviar offer distinctive backgrounds to large-scale designs, while softer shades such as sage and champagne add a mellow note. Sections of the site include Waverly store finders, a shop, a project center, great room decorating ideas, decorating questions and answers and home classics. The how-to section includes tips on how to choose a color scheme, mix and match prints, make a large room more inviting, create a formal room, create a casual room, arranging furniture and displaying accessories. Project ideas are included for slip covers, shower curtains, fashionable storage, covered boxes, table skirts, painting projects, duvet covers and folding screens.

Design Tips by Razvi Design Studio
Get advice for fitting furniture into odd-shaped rooms and deciding on types and sizes of furniture. Find out how to choose bathroom flooring such as wood, laminate flooring, stones, ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl's and true-woods flooring. Learn how to hire a designer, add skylights to a dark room and choosing furniture to tone down a formal room. The designer replies to questions on the site, and offers his specific opinions.

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