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Everything Organic
More and more people are eating organic. This site provides reviews on organic foods, basic information about organic foods, organic gardening and organic living. The health section features useful information, such as topics like relieving an earache, dealing with sore throats, ancient healing treatments, antioxidants and organic foods, organic teas and more. If you want to live the organic lifestyle, this site has plenty of information to help you do so.

Why Holistic Nutrition Is the Best Approach
In this article, Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center founding director and Turn the Tide Foundation president and founder Dr. David Katz MD discusses the importance of good nutrition as a part of treating patients. He explains the widespread and deceptive kind of nutrition guidance commonly given to patients. He calls this the ONAAT fallacy, or one nutrient at a time. Instead of being given dietary advice as a whole, diabetics are advised to avoid sugary and starchy foods, and people with hypertension are told to avoid excess sodium, and so on. The danger in this is that avoidance of one nutrient does not guarantee health, so a holistic approach to food is best.

SuperTracker: Interactive Food and Exercise Tracking Tools
Publisher by the United States Department of Agriculture, SuperTracker provides interative tools to help you get your personalized nutrition and physical activity plan, to track and foods and physical activities and see how they stack up, and to get tips and support so that you make healier choices as you plan head. Food-A-Pedia is a tool to look up nutrition info for 8,000 foods and make side-by-side comparisons. Food Tracker lets you track the food you eat and compare them to your nutritional targets. And My Weight Manager lets you enter your weight and track your progress over time. There are other tools as well, such as a physical activity tracker and and tool to use reports to track your goals and trends over time.

The Natural Human Diet
This article by Dr. Michael Greger MD of talks about how today’s diet might be the cause of chronic diseases many suffer. It explains that historically, the body of man is designed to eat greens, fruit, and seeds like the ape. Man is basically a herbivore, and his body is not designed to metabolize animal proteins and animal fat. The article also explains that early man hardly had cholesterol in his diet, and so his body has evolved to conserve the little cholesterol he would get. Because today’s diets are overflowing with cholesterol, no wonder the body cholesterol-conserving mechanism has become maladaptive, leading to clogged arteries and eventually, heart disease.

Healthy Eating for Low-Income Families
No one should go hungry in America, which is why the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service provides children and low-income people access to food, a healthful diet, and nutrition education. We help nearly one in five people. The site includes kids nutrition tips and other programs to help all children eat smart. Program information, including data and forms, are included. A must-see for anyone who needs nutritional assistance—children and low-income persons who can use the help.


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