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Nutrition and Food Safety
The World Health Organization put out this collection of links on topics related to human health. Discussed are child growth and development, micronutrients, infant feeding, feto-maternal nutrition and low birth weight, dietary recommendations and nutritional requirements, malnutrition, obesity, senior citizen healthy eating and more. A section on HIV/AIDS is also included, as is one about household food security.

Losing Weight the Natural Way
Losing weight is never easy; a lot of people never have time for exercise, and sticking to diets is easier said than done. According to this article published by The Connecticut Center for Health, most weight loss programs hardly ever work because they do not target the root cause of obesity, and most often come in one-size-fits-all regimens. Conventional weight loss treatments include exercise, changing eating habits, and taking appetite-suppressing drugs; some people even undergo surgery. However, there is a healthy and natural way of losing weight: naturopathy, which focuses on changing one’s approach to weight loss, identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the weight gain, setting up a dietary plan and exercise, among others – while paying attention to individual needs.

The Holy Kale Nutrition Site
This website is the result of the many years of Lauren Felts’ journey toward health and wellness. A certified nutritionist, Felts shares an extensive range of information about holistic nutrition and toxin-free living. Her blog features posts on effective supplements, protocols, flushes, detoxes and cleanses, as well as healthy lifestyle practices. Readers will find loads of guidance in keeping the mind, the body and the soul healthy. The blog also offers a lot of nutritional tips and nutrient-dense yet yummy recipes for optimal health. Some of her most popular post topics include the risks and benefits of birth control, natural treatment for PCOS, and cleansing the kidneys.

Nutrition to Prevent Osteoporosis
There are foods you can eat, besides milk and calcium supplements, which will help you, prevent and treat osteoporosis. The site says that dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream are great calcium sources; along with dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, collard greens bok choy and broccoli; almonds, fish and calcium-fortified foods such as orange juice, cereal, breads, soy and tofu. It delves more into the importance of vitamins and minerals, with a background into what these vitamins and minerals do to fight osteoporosis.

Pam Rotella: Vegetarian Fun
This is the home page of Pam Rotella, a long-time vegetarian who wrote the book Vegan Vegetarian Cooking. This is her fun pages where she explores various topics than on her other site, This site has an extensive nutritional and health section, featuring topics such as: bacterial mad cow theory, mercury poisoning, sickle cell anemia, curing cancer and AIDS, aspartame, MSG and other excitotoxins. Even includes a section with politics and scandals, and you can find some sample recipes from her cookbook, along with cooking tips and hints for vegetarians who are interested in nutrition.

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