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Alternative Health for Seniors: Massage, Acupuncture and More
WebMD features information on numerous health topics, and has a health and balance section for regular adults and the elderly. Topics include anxiety, depression, exercise, fatigue, headaches, therapy, stress, and more. Learn about meditation, prayer, massage, yoga, chiropractic care, tai chi, acupuncture, supplements, hypnosis and other alternative health treatments. Staying balanced is vital for senior health, and the elderly can benefit from alternative health measures such as chiropractic care and massage.

Elder Travel Sites: Adventures to Expeditions
Want to save money with elderly travel discounts, but donít want to get caught in the web of the Web? This site features the best elder travel websites reviewed by senior travel editor Alison Gardner. She recommends sites such as, which feature adventure travel for people over 50. Those trips take you off the beaten path and feature small group tours across the globe. She also enjoyed, which features similar land journeys for seniors that focus on culture and nature, such as wildlife safaris and historical explorations. An easy to navigate website with valuable travel information.

Senior Transportation and Driver Safety
This resource is brought to you by the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs and offers the elderly safe alternatives to get to where they need to go. You can find alternative transportation in your area, such as carpools, busing options and trains. In addition, you can assess your driving knowledge and link to national driving resources to make sure that you take to the road safely. Use the database which will help you search by county and city for senior transportation resources in your area of Florida.

Safety at Home: A Guide for the Elderly
It is vital that seniors take steps to ensure they are safe in their homes, especially if they are not living in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Here are some safety tips for elder citizens. They cover topics such as disaster preparation for the elderly, bathing aids for seniors, pesticide safety, sleeping pill, carbon monoxide and food safety, and safe driving for seniors. It doesnít take much to read these tips and implement them, so be sure to take a few minutes and read through the tips in this valuable collection of elder safety articles.

Find Out What a Chiropractor Does in Words and Pictures
Check out this page see detailed images of different types of adjustments performed by chiropractors to treat patients with neck and back pain issues. Just click on the thumbnail image of your choice to see adjustments on the wrist, neck, back and shoulder areas. The site also includes links to a number of related articles about chiropractic care, as well as videos on health-related topics.

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