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Roofing 101: Helpful Information for Consumers
This site offers good quality information to consumers from National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) training module on the subject. Visitors to the site can find out about several topics, including roof replacements, shingles and winter roofing. General maintenance, repairs, painting aluminum siding and replacing rain gutters is also covered here. Consumers who are wondering whether to repair or replace a roof can find out when each one is the right choice.

HGTV Pro Framing Not Just for Construction Professionals
When a home or building is being constructed, the framing is an integral part of the process. Frames are not confined to the interior of the home; get helpful tips for framing a deck that will save you time and money. Find out more about the process involved in framing windows and interior doors, installing acoustic framing, structural tie downs, and more. If you have never considered using pre-fabricated interior or engineered studs in a home building project, find out more about how these products are made. You may reconsider its value after learning more about the quality of this building option. This site also includes images and a number of helpful videos for more information.

Can You Roof It Yourself? Use These Tips to Get the Job Done
Roofing repair is a home improvement even the most experienced do-it-yourselfer will abdicate to a professional—but if you insist on making the repairs or find yourself in a position where it's up to you to make it right, these tips from author Ron Hungarter can make a roofing job much smoother to accomplish. The article details useful tools to have on hand, and how to use them properly to complete the repairs.

How to Build a Pergola
Don't wing your way through a home improvement project like building a pergola—Family Handyman shows you how to do it, with all the advice and instruction you need to add a little outdoor enjoyment to your home. You'll find advice on how to prepare for pergola construction and measurement options, step-by-step instructions, complete with illustrations, and links to additional articles on pergola construction.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed
Raised garden beds are the cornerstone of some of the finest landscape architecture designed today. They elevate plant life, facilitate easy maintenance of the garden and prevent damage from mowing and trimming. If a garden wall construction project is in your future, this site offers detailed steps, along with graphics, to guide you through the building process. There are tips on ground preparation, what type of soil should be avoided in backfill, and how to place finishing caps.


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