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5 Reasons for Passive Real Estate Investing
This article discusses the advantages of passive real estate investing. According to this article, the top five reasons behind the success of passive real estate investing are as follows: 1) passive real estate allows tax deferred cash returns, enabling you to keep more of your earnings; 2) no tenants or property maintenance headaches; 3) no bank to deal with over loans; 4) reap the benefit of expert skills and knowledge, and 5) make money sleeping. Read the entire article to view the explanations of each reason.

Hotel Investors Flock to Miami Beach
Published in 2012, this NY Times article chronicles the sudden rebirth of the real estate investment market in Miami Beach following the long recession in the U.S. All the investors who showed interest in Miami Beach properties in that period wanted to catch a share of rebounding tourism market in Miami. As all hotel zones on Miami Beach area fall within one or another historic preservation districts, building a new hotel there is practically impossible. So hotel investors generally look for acquiring, renovating, and repositioning an existing beachfront hotel for higher occupancy and higher room rates.

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The hospitality sector in the U.S. occupies a large pie of the commercial real estate market. This market segment typically includes hotels, motels, tourist resorts, condo hotels, boutique hotels, and motor inns. As the property investments in this sector have close relationships with the underlying business ecosystem, it is extremely important for an real estate investor to understand the dynamics of the sector. Currently, all commercial properties are owned and managed by national and international chains. This article by takes a look at those various types of hospitality chains, which belong to different categories from deluxe to economy.

With Crowdfunding, You Can Invest in Commercial Real Estate without Being Donald Trump
This CNN Tech news flash introduces crowdfunding in real estate. This article published in end 2015 was announcing the launch of crowdfunding programs in real estate. The message emphasized the fact that common investors will now have a chance to own a large commercial complex or building by sharing the ownership with other investors. Ever since then, many commercial property developers have successfully raised capital for their projects through crowdfunding. This novel method of real estate investing as brought real estate investing to the mainstream American population, who can begin to invest in real estate with as little as few thousand dollars.

Condo Hotel Concepts
This is the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) page on the Condo Hotel Center. The FAQ covers about 15 questions and answers covering various aspects of condo hotel investments. Some of the queries includes in this FAQ are what is the essence of the condo hotel concept, what are the benefits of condo hotel ownership, what is the role of the condo hotel operator, the nature of the business agreement between the condo hotel buyer and the hotel management company. Anyone seriously contemplating investments in condo hotels should read this FAQ first to gain a solid foundation in condo hotel investments.

Institutional Real Estate Europe
Institutional Real Estate Europe is meant for the European real estate community. The publication site covers news items, research reports, market studies, city profiles, industry trends, prominent projects, properties in the market, profile of thought leaders, and other topics related to the European real estate industry. It is certainly worth reading if you are contemplating real estate investments in any part of Europe. The publications are created by knowledgeable experts in the field, and are widely supported by data intensive evidence of claims. The information provided on this site can be safely trusted and used for any real estate investment decision.

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